Tunes For The Journey: DJ Shadow – Changeling (Transmission 1)

DJ Shadow – Endtroducing… Fontana Island Records. 1996.

As some may know, I like to share music that I enjoy from time to time.

Well, I was listening to an NPR program a week or two ago which featured DJ Shadow.  He is going to be releasing a best of album soon called “Reconstructed.”  You can get a digital version, CD or Vinyl from his website for a pretty reasonable price.  (Or you can just pirate it… but we don’t condone that sort of thing around here…*wink wink nudge nudge say no more*… but really, being an indie music producer, it’s nice to get paid for your work when it’s honest.  i still don’t charge for my albums.  donations are accepted, but not required.  just how i feel, but then again, it’s not my primary source of income)  He is also releasing a badass limited edition box set for about $270, with only 500 copies being made.

Anyway.  His debut album ‘Endtroducing…’ is one of my favorites and I hadn’t listened to it in some time.  So hearing this program inspired me to “dig out my copy of Endtroducing…” (and by dig out I obviously mean click through a series of folders to where I downloaded it on my computer…it was still a lot of double clicking, i don’t want to downplay the amount of effort i put into finding my copy.  you know you’re too sedentary when clicking through five folders is too much *sigh*) and take a long overdue listen.

And in the spirit of good tunes, I’m sharing my favorite track from that album.  Enjoy.