The John Magnus Rundown

Here is a Phasing Rundown put forth by AP author, John Magnus:


1. Take a few deep breaths to realx your body and mind.  Think to yourself repeatedly: “With every breath I take, I get more relaxed.”

2. Move your center of thought to just below the center of your chest.  This will help the flow of imagination while at the same time prevent thought energy from flowing to your head , the body part associated with reasoning and analytical thought.   Invoking the analytical mind might bring you back to your body, since it will get dreadfully confused.  The reasoning mind is quick to assume, and incorrectly so, that you are in danger of being physically harmed when you are released from your body.  This fear will cut short your projection.

3. From a point in your chest, feel love for the Earth and all its inhabitants.  Bring to mind something that you love immensely.  Take the feeling of love this generates in your chest and radiate that love in all directions.  A feeling of love will guarantee a positive experience in everything you do.

The Rundown

1. Visualize that you are standing in an open meadow in a forest.  Visualize as intensely as you can.  All sensory input from that meadow should be at least as intense as sensory input from the physical body.

2. Visualize the sun’s rays hitting your feet.  The warmth relaxes them.

3.  Affirm to yourself repeatedly: “Tonight I will AP.”  It is the person standing in the meadow that affirms this, not the person lying in the bed.  Continue the affirmation throughout the whole visualization.  [Note: It is commonly accepted that affirmations should be spoken in the present tense, using positive declaration; “I easily AP tonight” rather than “Tonight I will AP”.]

4.  The warmth from the sun spreads from your feet up through your whole body, relaxing the muscles as it spreads.

5.  The wind gains speed over the meadow.  A warm breeze of air caresses your face.  Feel the breeze.

6.  You see the green grass waving in the breeze.

7.  You smell the distinct scent of pine trees surrounding the meadow.

8.  Visualize walking around in that meadow.  Touch the grass, the bark of the trees, and everything else you come upon.

9.  Continue visualizing walking around in the meadow.

At this point you can take the experience one of two ways.   If you are doing this at night as you go to sleep, allow yourself to fall asleep.   If you wake in the night, continue visualization as you return to sleep.  At some point near dawn (when your REM cycles are the longest) you will awake with a buzzing, floating feeling.  At this point you intuitively intensify the buzzing and use an exit-technique (roll-out, stand up, somersault, etc.).

If you are using this rundown as a phasing method, continue visualization until you become immersed in the scene and have lost awareness of your body.  You have just phased.