Oh My God! Negs Everywhere!

“I just know there is some evil entity around me.  I can feel it’s presence.”

“Well, my house is haunted.  We’ve seen shadow figures and felt cold air and our pets won’t go into the bedroom.”

“I think I’m possessed.  I get mood swings that just have no cause and I feel like I’m being forced to do things I don’t want to do all the time.  I just don’t feel like myself.”

I hear these declarations on a nearly daily basis.  I work in a metaphysical bookshop that carries not only metaphysical books, but also metaphysical/ritual supplies (oils, incense, candles, crystals and the like).  I very regularly receive customers who have come to seek  help in ridding themselves of “otherworldly” entities and the like.  These people are convinced that they are being ‘attacked’ in some way or another by an entity that is intentionally and very malevolently disrupting their life.

Also, as member of a forum based on ‘Astral Projection’, I see a lot of people writing horror stories about ‘Negs’ that attack them immediately upon exiting the body and blah blah blah.  To be honest, it’s all I can do not to laugh in these people’s faces.  But I usually refrain because I know that to them it is very real, though misguided.  So, throughout the course of this article, I’m going to explain the nature of ‘negs’ and other ‘malevolent’ entities.  [Note: this will become apparent, but remember that this is my experience/opinion and what you believe becomes very real in your life, so I’m not necessarily discounting any ‘neg’ experience you may have had]


The consideration of emotional energy is crucial to this explanation.  When I say emotional energy, you could take that to mean many things.  First, let me say humans have electromagnetic fields around them, generated especially by the heart.  In metaphysical fields you often find the inclusion of other energies, energies that are considered to be of a spiritual nature.  However you want to perceive this energy is of no consequence to me, so think what you need too.  The bottom line here is that our thought-forms (ie perceptions) effect the frequency of this energy field around us.  All thought-forms, no matter how seemingly benign, are charged with emotional energy, this is your personal power.  Were you to learn total control of this energy generation you could perform what people call “magic”, magic being  the manipulation of subtle energies.  If you are able to generate these subtle energies at will and direct them, you could easily influence your reality.

To fully grasp the importance of this “energy” you need to understand what impact it has on your perception.  This field around your body is interconnected with your perception.  In fact, I would say that the energy around you is a part of your perceptual faculty.  In addition to what we call “cognition” there is also an intuitive aspect to perception which is received through this energy field.  You “feel” your environment through this energy.  Furthermore, this energy field also functions like a mirror.  Your perception of your environment generates an associated emotional energy, which in turn moves out into the energy around you subsequently effecting the frequency of that energy.  Now your energy field is slightly altered and it then reflects that state back to your senses and the “feeling center”, the heart.  This reflection then effects your affect, it influences your perception.  It’s like a continuous loop, each cycle building on the one before it.

So, the frequency shape of the energy field around you has a big impact on your perception and therefore your contemplations (the thoughts that are spawned by perception).  Here’s the fun part, these energy fields around your body interact with the energies in the environment, which includes those of other people.  The energies of other people are often the ones that cause the most effect in our energy fields because of the emotional nature of people.  However, a tree for example can absorb strong emotional energy from a person and then you could inadvertantly absorb that same energy if you were in contact with the tree.  It’s actually less likely with a tree because they are very unique.  They are grounded and expanded simultaneously because they have roots in the earth to ground and leaves in the sky to expand.

Run with this concept a little bit.  You are constantly picking up energy from other people and places throughout your day. So what happens when you interact with someone who is psychologically unbalanced, or someone who has emotional disorders, let alone “normal” people?  That’s right, your energy field absorbs some of their energy when the fields interact.  Absorbs isn’t really the proper term however.  It’s more like your two fields merge with eachother and the separate frequencies begin to vibrate in harmony with eachother.  What is spawned from this is a new energy that is different from both of the original frequencies.  Now your energy field has been altered.  Your perception is now filtered through this new composite field.  You might notice this occasionally when you seem to have a very powerful emotion for no apparent reason.  Without proper grounding to release this energy it just continues to morph.

You can use simple grounding meditations to release much of this “foreign” energy.  This is possible because your genetics have an energetic aspect with your energetic blueprint encoded.  With the help of this genetic blueprint, you are capable of returning your energy field to it’s “natural” state.  Easier said than done, I assure you.  It’s one thing to release energies you’ve picked up during the day, but quite another to release old emotional wounds.  It should also be noted that if you don’t give your energy regular attention via cleansing (grounding) then these foreign energies become more and more ingrained in your frequency, thus altering it in seemingly more and more permanent ways.  It is possible to release frequencies that aren’t yours, but you will never return to the original frequency of your birth, and with good reason.  Evolution of your energy field reflects personal growth, but you have to determine what frequency adaptations are capable of harmonizing with the blueprint that represents your natural field.  You see, you want to morph your energy field for the purpose of self-discovery, but a part of that discovery is learning how to infuse frequencies that are complementary to your base frequency.  What that means in ‘laymans’ terms is to learn to be yourself and follow a path that highlights your natural state and expands on it.  This is a discussion for another time though.  For now, just know that you can release the frequencies that don’t ‘jive’ with your energy that you pick up during an average day.

When you don’t give proper attention to your energy (via grounding) then your frequency becomes a bastardization of your natural field.  You wind up with a hodge podge of foreign energies with no consistency.  This translates as cognitive dissonance, when your perception doesn’t align with your experience.  This happens because you have no real stability in your energy and therefore no real stability in your mind.  In my opinion this is the cause of many if not all psychological disorders, which is why medication isn’t terribly effective, yet electroshock therapy is.  Sounds crazy I know, but electroshock therapy ‘resets’ your energy field, giving you a fresh start in a way.  Though few ever use that opportunity to change, they just fall back into disharmony.

So how does this translate to ‘negs’ everywhere?  If you read my ‘Dream a Little Dream’ post, then you know that the substance of our material reality is born in the realm of our mind, the nonphysical.  This means that our perceptions are very powerful in many ways.  Your perception effects the energy field around you, which in turn effects subsequent perceptions.  They also have a large impact on your nonphysical counterpart (I don’t mean to imply that you have a physical and nonphysical being, you have a being that exists simultaneously in countless realities and overlaps through many).  Your energy field effects the way your awareness interacts with your nonphysical source, thereby manifesting these energies as ‘living’ thought forms into your reality.  I say living, because when these perceptions are highly emotionally charged (as they would be with a build up of foreign and disharmonious frequencies in your energy field) they can spawn thought-forms that seem autonomous, conscious.  Are you starting to get the idea?

So the punchline is, that all of these ‘negs’ that are attacking you are manifestations of your own congnitive/energetic dissonance relative to your innate frquency pattern.  It’s all your fault.  Ha.  Not really, but totally.  You exacerbate your vulnerability by not claiming these ‘entities’ as creations of your perception/energy.  When you consistently view yourself as a victim of these outside forces, that translates into your energy field as something similar to paranoia which in turn creates more and more of these ‘negs’.

The energies involved in things like sage smudging and other cleansing rituals are almost neutral in nature.  They act like universally adaptive frequencies that provide the compliment to your energy and essentially cancel it out.  The reason sage smudging and the like are often of little help is because they create a type of  ‘frequency vacuum’ due to improper use.  In order to successfully cleanse/ground yourself with these clearing techniques you have to make it a ritual in which you allocate your personal power (through attention) into the energies of the sage.  This way, you charge the sage with your innate energy and cleanse using your own energy instead of just wiping out all of the energies in your field.  It should be obvious then that the tools used in these cleansing rituals are useless because it is your personal power that really gets the job done.  Keep that in mind.

Let me be clear.  I’m not saying that there aren’t malevolent forces in the world, only that you are a powerful creature with the ability to be in harmony all the time if you learn to give yourself the healing attention you need.  Plus, nothing is really ‘good’ or ‘evil’.  All things simply operate from a unique scale and position and what may seem morally wrong to our cultural paradigms is just the way other entities function.  For example, if things like ‘negs’ did exist and they were feeding off of you, how is that different from you feeding on an animal? The ego just doesn’t like the idea of being food.

We call this beautiful, but this is the violent end of a life.