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Inter-dimensional Entities!

I didn’t get a chance to get to this topic last night, it got too late and I was too tired.  So here we go.  Inter-dimensional Entities, a.k.a. ghosts to gullible people.  [Just kidding, I don’t mean to insult anyone.  I just think people who believe in the spirits of dead people remaining on Earth for whatever reason are superstitious and silly, like my fiancé, Becca.  I think Becca is absolutely ridiculous with this ghost crap.  She worships T.A.P.S. and forces me to watch those idiots saying “did you hear that?” every 10 seconds.  NO!  I did not hear that.  I never hear it.  Plus, you can find some nice videos on Youtube of the T.A.P.S. guys setting up fake events to make the episode more interesting.  Now, I don’t entirely blame them, I’m sure their producers strongly suggest that they “amp up the spooky” from time to time.  And hey, if I made the money they did, I would fake the hell out of some paranormal shit.]

As I said in my last post, while I was on the ghost tour in Colonial Williamsburg I took a couple photos at the suggestion of the tour guide.  She claimed that it wasn’t unheard of for guests on the tour to capture images of spectral forms.  I feel that I’ve made it fairly clear that I do not believe in ghosts.  Like I’ve said, when you’re dead, you’re dead.  What I mean by that is that you are dead to this Earth in most contexts.  I do believe in strong energy imprints, but that is not a ghost.  That is an energy movie that plays over and over until it dissipates.  It has no awareness whatsoever.

Let me quickly provide a loose definition of what I mean by the word “energy”.  What I mean is some sort of force that exists within the electromagnetic spectrum.  However, I do not believe that our current mechanical technology is capable of really measuring it.  Sometimes our measurement devices might get a slight hit regarding this type of energy.  You could consider chi in this category, spiritual energy that flows through chakras or energy centers in the body, psychic energy, and I even think consciousness falls somewhere in this spectrum.  Though, as I said, conventional technology is incapable of measuring it, so science doesn’t consider it to exist.  I believe they will one day.

Because conventional technology can’t detect it, doesn’t mean that it is imperceptible.  Humans are equipped to read, feel, perceive, experience this energy.  I mean, if our consciousness is in the same category, it would make sense that we could sense it.  The reason most people don’t [or not often] is because they are “psychically” weak [I’m using psychic to mean mental energy or force].  We are always distracted, our minds are in a million different places at once.  We don’t have the ability to truly focus our attention.  This is a big part of my personal philosophy and knowledge, that being, the focus of one’s attention.  If you can control your mind completely and focus your attention on one particular thing, you’d be very surprised at the things you could perceive.  It’s like a muscle, your attention.  You have to exercise it or it atrophies and becomes useless for any kind of real use.  Yes, I’m saying that most of our daily cognition isn’t really being used to its full potential.  Hell, I don’t think it’s being used to half its potential.  But this is a conversation for another post.  I’ve got lots to say on the subject of the intentional retardation of human consciousness and mental ability.

What I do believe, concerning “ghosts”, is that we know very little about the full scope of physics in the cosmos.  That’s not any kind of insult.  We are progressing as quickly as we can.  [Again, this will be a topic for another day, but that retardation of consciousness I was talking about is part of a larger plot to lead us to our own destruction or some sort of I, Robot or Terminator type future.  If we are not mentally, ethically, morally developed, but have extreme technological advancement, we’re looking down the barrel of a shotgun with our own hand on the trigger.]  Our knowledge of the cosmos is, obviously, pretty limited.  Now, we do know a lot, but we don’t know anything close to everything.  With that said, I believe that there may be a limitless dimensional spectrum and we only inhabit one.  Perhaps some are uninhabited, but I believe most are inhabited.  Now I don’t know how these other “dimensions” are laid out and I’m not great with theoretical physics [even though I love it, but math was never my strong suit and most of theoretical physics exists entirely mathematically], so I don’t know if these dimensions are stacked side by side or wrapped in some sort of never ending strip that somehow allows all all dimensions to touch on all surfaces.  I can’t say.  String theorists and their kin posit a limited number of dimensions and they have mathematical diagrams of how they exist physically, but those are just theories and we have yet to find a way to prove them.

So, my point in all of this is that I believe what others call “ghosts” are actually entities, people, from other dimensions that are close enough to cross over.  Maybe it’s a natural ability for them.  Maybe they have technology that allows them to breech dimensions.  Who knows?  I do believe that humans have one possible means of crossing into other dimensions.  Astral Projection, or Out of Body Experiences.  This is where that focus of attention stuff is helpful.  I always refer back to Arthur C. Clarke’s third law, that basically states, any sufficiently advanced technology appears as magic.  People like to call Astral Projection [which by the way goes by many many different names, and I recommend reading ‘SOUL FLIGHT’ by Donald Tyson soulflight to learn more about the history of this very common historical practice that I believe everyone should do as a means of psychological health and healing] a magical practice and in modern society, magic is either a stage show or superstitious nonsense with no scientific foundation.  I disagree, I apply Clarke’s law to this situation.  To me, Astral Projection or even psychic ability is simply a form of mental technology that is far advanced compared to current technology [or, more likely it is a simple technology that was lost to history, be it coincidental or intentional; probably intentional since the Christians destroyed anything considered Pagan, or assimilated it to make the transition to Christianity easier for the Pagans.  Just like Saturnalia, a.k.a. Christmas].

Anyway, all of that is not really important at the moment.  At least, not for what I want to show you now.  I had to give you a little context regarding how I feel about this subject before I showed the pictures I took in Colonial Williamsburg on the ghost tour.  So, let’s get to the pictures and I’ll comment briefly on each one.  You can decide what you believe is really in the pictures.

Here is the first shot:


As you can clearly see in this picture, there is some sort of light artifact across the center and left side.  I can honestly say that there was no light leak in the camera [it was taken with an iphone], there were no reflective surfaces [since the flash was on], there was nothing that I can think of to explain the light.  I did use Instagram to increase the contrast to make the form more visible.  So.  If you look in the middle of the picture, at the right side of the light curve and directly between & below the two windows, you can see a figure.  To me, it looks like the head and shoulders of a man, falling away into a wisp.  Maybe it could be wearing a cloak or something, there seems to be a collar or lapel type thing around the left shoulder [its right shoulder I would think, though it could have its back to me].  It also looks like it might have on some kind of hat.  I don’t know.  I’ve looked at this picture over and over, so I might be seeing what I want to see.  But, as soon as the picture was taken, myself and Becca both immediately saw the light and then the figure.  I took a dozen other pictures in the area and none of them have anything at all resembling this picture.  No lights, no figures, no shadows, no anything, just normal pictures.  So now you can decide.

Here is the second picture:

photo (2)

This picture is something entirely different.  This one I can’t really explain with my inter-dimensional being theory.  Instead, I believe this is an example of an energy imprint.  I know you’re looking at this picture and saying to yourself, “What?  I don’t see anything.  It’s some trees, a building and a light.”, and you’d be right.  The only problem is, there was no light there.  On the left side of the picture you can see a white building with some windows.  Well, that building ran all the way to the right side of the picture and out of frame.  Where you see the light, there was a dark window.  I saw it, Becca saw it and my little sister-in-law saw it.  That window was completely dark, no lights of any kind.  But in the picture, it looks like there is a candle or lantern in the window.  Like I said, I can’t really explain this one.  Maybe it is some kind of energetic imprint.  Maybe it’s something else.  I just don’t know.  So again, I leave it up to you to decide.

So that’s it.  I took some pictures that turned out to be pretty interesting.  I’ve actually got some others in my library of photos from other events.  Some orbs, some glowing energy, some inexplicable lights and other anomalies.  Like I said, I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe there is a lot about our cosmos that we don’t know.  And sometimes, we manage to catch little glimpses behind the veil and see the mystery.

– @egodetox, aka personalreality, aka mr. cosmos, aka rusty.


As of late I have been in a slump. Intellectually I am always on top, but intuitively I’ve been cut off. I have racked my brain trying to find a solution to my issue and haven’t really come up with a lot…..until today.

I sat down in the theater style chair in the largest lecture hall at my university for an exam that I didn’t even know about. As usual I was there a half an hour early (a habit my parents taught me, work, class, movie theater, I’m always there early) so I took out my copy of “Programming the Human Biocomputer” by John C. Lilly and dug in. I came across a page in a section about the adaptability of the general purpose computer (in reference to a human being as a general purpose computer capable of being programmed) talking about belief. Let me quote the lines that really hit me hard in the moment:

Ability to achieve certain special states of consciousness, for example, are generally programmed by basic beliefs taken on in childhood. If the biocomputer is to maintain its general purpose nature – which was presumably there in childhood – we must recapture a far greater range of phenomena than we expect that we have available.

Obviously this paragraph mentions a common understanding in the “metaphysical” world, that children are more open to the possibilities and as we get older we become more programmed into narrow ways of thinking (remember the post about definition?). I am already well aware of that point. This statement was a trigger that got my mind considering my own beliefs about Astral Projection and the like. I was raised in a very religious, southern baptist household. My parents weren’t necessarily that strict or anything, but the point is that I was raised to believe that if things like Astral Projection did exist (which there was never any reason to believe they did), they were wrong. I can’t say that deep down I actually believed this stuff. By the time I was old enough to really contemplate the religion I was born into (maybe 13 or 14), I thought it was horrendously silly and didn’t even give it a second thought. Around that time I turned to science as the seemingly obvious alternative to religion. Again, I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I found. At about 16 or 17 I began experimenting with entheogens (psilocybin, lsd, dmt, mdma, etc.) and discovered a new option and things were never the same. For a number of years I truly believed in the otherworlds of the new agers and Don Juan Matus. Then my experimentation with illicit substances turned a little darker and my perception of reality shifted. While this time period was difficult for me and those around me, I still feel that it was necessary and I learned a great deal about non-attachment and dissociation. To move myself away from the habits associated with this experience, I renewed my interest in the metaphysical, which brought me back to my roots of altered states.

These scenes from my life were flashing through my mind and I had re-experienced my adolescence in a matter of seconds. Then the vision stopped on last summer and just froze in that perception for a moment. I took that as a cue to explore the feelings and perceptions before me because there was something there that I needed. I think that something a friend said is the best way to sum up my feelings in that moment, “People who believe that the otherworlds are really there are interesting, people who think it’s all in our minds are boring.”

As I contemplated the feeling deeper I felt a sense of awe and wonder. In that moment I felt like there was an infinite world to explore, beliefs to be shattered, possibilities that I couldn’t even comprehend. I felt like a child. With a flash, I was back to my present self, sitting in this lecture hall awaiting a psychology exam. I collected myself for a moment and considered where I was in my perception. I was bland, boring, closed off from the possibilities. I started to resent my psychological training as of late. I noticed that as I immersed myself more and more into the world of mainstream psychology, the darker my nonphysical life seemed. I should clarify that even now I am thoroughly unsatisfied with state of modern psychological research. All of the exciting new realms that were being studied in the 60’s and 70’s by people like John Lilly, Timothy Leary, Robert Monroe and their contemporaries is dead. As neurology grew with advancement of technology, the study of altered states took a back seat and was taken over by pseudoscientific psychonauts like Terence McKenna and psychology turned toward psychosis as a focus. For some reason, the nature of human consciousness was no longer as important as human behavior. And, as with the rest of medical science, research became focused on the symptoms and not the causes.

I have identified the shift in my own perception that led to my current “boring” state though. I have always been a bit of a solipsist (only one’s own mind is sure to exist, anything outside one’s own specific mind is unjustified and the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist) but this perception seemed to take over my thoughts in the spring of 2010. While I feel that the experiences of mind and imagination are still infinite in scope, this perception lacks a certain mystery.

I am reminded of a Rune Stone reading I was given about a year ago. It wasn’t a full spread, just a one rune pull thPerthoat was interpreted by a psychic reader that I work with. The rune stone that I pulled was Pertho and one of the primary words associated with Pertho is Choice or Decision-Making (make your choice, take charge of your destiny/mystery).  As you can see, the rune itself is two ends being pulled in different directions.  This is all the more relevant in light of the revelation I was having.  On one side I have the logical progression that my mind has taken over the course of my life.  In my present state I have really taken on the solipsist’s ideal and denied anything but what my mind “knows”.  On the other side I have the magical world of my imagination.  While I feel relatively secure in my logical solipsist perception, I don’t think I really believe it, something deep inside me disagrees.  Yet, I’m still not embracing the old feelings that made my imagination brighter.

After my life of perception flashed before me, with the prolonged stop on what I might call my most recent “previous self” (which all took less than a minute), I turned back to my book and started reading the next page.  You guessed it, BAM! another paragraph smacked me in the face.

These [beliefs] are disguises of and evasions of the ultimate dissolution of self. The maintenance of pleasure and of life are insisting on denial of death. If we stop at these beliefs, no progress in further analysis can be made. These beliefs are analysis dissolvers. They are lazy assumptions which prevent us from pushing deeper into self and avoid expending effort in this deeper direction.

Lilly was actually kind of dismissing the notions of new agers and the like (which in a way is what i’m trying to get back too, ha), but the statements were once again for a trigger inside me. I recall a podcast that I used to listen too, in which the host once said that he likes to try on new belief systems like a new suit. He wears it around for a bit and feels it out. He eventually takes it off either way, and the assimilation of the specific belief isn’t even the point. Just the act of being able to consciously choose to “believe” a new paradigm and dismiss it as quickly. That was a quality I once admired and strove to achieve, and i did for a time.

So, what conclusion have I come to? Well, I need to make a choice. When I first thought about making this choice I thought that I would have to choose between returning to my old ‘magical thinking’ or continuing forward in the hopes that my current perception will lead to something liberating (which I’m still sure it will). But after I contemplated it a bit more it occurred to me that I didn’t have to try to define myself in a particular perception, in fact that’s quite the opposite of what I consciously think (though what I unknowingly believe seems to be quite different, which tells me I need to do some inner house cleaning). I can just put on the old ‘beliefs’ to help jumpstart my connection with the intuitive otherworlds until such a time as merging that world with this other perception I have adopted recently becomes possible for me.

Tell me, does anyone else feel torn between two worlds? Do you worry about not balancing your presence between the two?

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