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My Free 60 Page eBook, “My Astral Projection Truth”, What is Astral Projection and How to do it!.

by Xanthterrorkitty, moderator of the Astral Pulse Forum.  If you’re interested in OBE, Astral Projection, Active Imagination, pathworking, Spirit Travel, Soul Flight, whatever you want to call it, download that ebook to get started.  Then start following Xanth’s blog UnlimitedBoundaries.ca (<– I know, (dot)CA is weird, but he’s Canadian.  It’s normal to those people.)

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When in doubt, PM a senior member of the forum, they are usually willing to help, or you can ask me (here or on the pulse, my name there is personalreality).

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Work of Hart Publications

So, i started a separate blog for my publications, and potentially my own publishing company (I’m planning to independently publish).  Right now, I call it “Work of Hart Publications” and it can be found @ hartpublishing.wordpress.com.


You will find updates on what I’m writing, progress reports, some teasers, things like that.  Basically anything to do with my writing or maybe even book reviews.  Check it out!


Short Stories

Sorry for not posting in a while.  I also apologize for not posting anything of substance lately.

I’m not really planning on doing the latter right now.  No, I’m just giving a brief update for the moment.

I’m still working on my novel, but instead of just starting with my epic saga [as in grand in scope and multiple books to tell the whole story – not epic in the modern, “urban dictionary” sense of the word] I’m writing some short stories first.  This way, I can slowly wade into the independent digital publishing waters rather than just diving in, thereby allowing myself time to adjust to the temperature.  It could be the best option, acclimating myself and learning the tricks of the trade before unveiling my first full novel.  Or, it could go the other way, like a frog in a pot of water that is gradually heated to a boil, burning the frog alive because his body temperature rose parallel to the water temperature.  Letting myself and my readers get too accustomed to the short story format and neglecting book one of my saga.  Time will tell.  Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey Stuff.  Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who the past few days.

First, my woman had me on a bender of Veronica Mars.  10pm to 4am marathons of juicy blonde first 48 jail bait.  How could I not get hooked?  Too bad it only ran 3 seasons.  I don’t know why, it’s a good show.  I guess it must be a star trek type thing.  People didn’t recognize the awesomeness until the show was off the air [most people know how popular star trek is, but they don’t know that the original series only ran 3 seasons].  Versus a firefly thing, where the network was given gold but fucked up by thinking they knew the audience better than the story teller.  [Fox thought firefly should start with more of a BANG!, so they ran a mid season episode first because it had more action.  Problem was, the premiere episode just started in the middle of the story, and the audience had no idea what was going on.  Since Fox skipped ahead, the audience didn’t get any character or story background and perceived the show as just another dumb action show.  Had they started at the beginning, everything would have made more sense and the show might have taken off.]

Anyway, once we watched all of the Veronica Mars episodes, it was my turn to pick a show.  I gave her two choices, either the 2005 Doctor Who series [she’s only seen the 11th doctor and seasons 6 & 7] or Stargate SG-1 [ultimately leading to Atlantis, but she didn’t know that].  She chose Doctor Who.  I’m perfectly fine with that, but I secretly wish she’d have chosen SG-1, it’s been so long since I’ve watched Stargate.  They’ve been playing the movie on TV lately which is making me want to watch SG-1.  SyFy has also been playing the SG-1 movies.  So I’m itching for some Stargate.  Nevertheless, Doctor Who is acceptable.

So, Short Stories.  I’m working on a short story that is inspired by a song I made once upon a time about a mission to Mars.  The song might have been inspired by the story.  I don’t know.  Anyway, I’ll let you know when it’s for sale online.

Rusty out.

Other Blog, Stuff.

Been busy, preoccupied with other stuff.  Working on another blog [a private journal], metal detecting, playing old playstation games, taking care of persistently sick Becca.  

Be back later.